Hillary Clinton Comes to Mason, Rallies for Obama

Story by Broadside News Editor Sonya Hudson. Photos by Courtney Erland and Teddy Meyer.

Senator Hillary Clinton, D-NY, was in North Plaza on Sunday evening, two days before Election Day, campaigning for Barack Obama.

President of George Mason University’s Students for Barack Obama Greg Thompson introduced Senator Clinton. “She is truly an example of what change can happen when you have a strong and intelligent leader,” said Thompson.

Clinton, prepared to encourage Virginia to vote for Barack Obama on November 4, entered the stage to U2’s song “Beautiful Day” and a roaring crowd.

“Are you ready to elect Barack Obama for president? Well, so am I,” said Clinton.

“Virginia, there is a chance for you to be on the winning side in this election,” said Clinton. “After eight long years, we are just two days from the finish line, and now is the time to close the deal for Barack Obama.”

Clinton noted that President George Bush and Senator John McCain, R-Ariz., share the same Republican philosophy, deterring voters from McCain.

“George Bush has practiced what John McCain has preached,” said Clinton.

Clinton promised help for Americans if Obama becomes president.

“We can help Americans losing their homes, by making sure that the Republicans lose the White House,” said Clinton.

Clinton encouraged the crowd to vote, promising that individuals’ votes can make a difference and Virginia, as a state, can make a difference.

Clinton told the audience to remind those people voting for the Republican ticket, “Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me”

Clinton reminded Obama supporters, “It took a Democratic president to clean up the last President Bush and it will take a Democratic president to clean up after this President Bush.”

Clinton encouraged all of those voters who supported her to vote for Obama.

Beckman Matthews was one of the students on stage behind Senator Clinton. “I was a Hillary Clinton supporter, but now I’m with the Clintons for Obama,” said Matthews, a sophomore majoring in art history. Though Matthews loved Clinton’s speech, he is proud to have already voted.

“Barack Obama must be our next president and Joe Biden must be our next vice president,” said Clinton. “No Way, No How, No McCain, No Palin.”

“[Clinton’s speech] was motivating,” said freshman Charles Bailey, a music performance major. “I don’t think it will change anybody’s vote, but it makes people want to go to the polls to vote.”

“I thought it was a solid speech. It’s cool that she came to Mason,” said senior Joe Hinrichs, a public administration major who was also on stage.

Bailey agreed, “It was cool to see her in person.”

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