Meet the candidates: Student Government President and Vice President

Planning to vote for next year's Student Government President and Vice President but you don't know much about the candidates? Don't worry, C2M has got you covered.

C2M's George Yanez met up with the candidates earlier this week where they discussed their platforms and what they hope to do for the university if they win.

Ally Bowers and Jacky Yoo

Ally Bowers is the current speaker of the senate while Jacky Yoo is the current Student Government vice president.

"Our campaign is focused around the S.E.C.R.E.T. to success. S.E.C.R.E.T. stands for spirit, engagement, communication, resources, experience and trust," said Bowers.

Their campaign will focus on "parking, dining, housing, spirit initiatives and working with athletics," said Yoo.

For more information on their campaign click here.

Michael DeMatteo and Michael Lillie

Michael DeMatteo is a current student senator, while his running mate Michael Lillie is the vice president of the GMU Veterans Society.

"The main reason I'm running is for our platform—experience, duty, leadership and real results for George Mason students," said DeMatteo.

The DeMatteo/Lillie campaign will focus on transparency within Student Government as well as monitoring tuition hikes.

"The time for gimmicks and games have ended and it's time for real tested leadership for George Mason," said DeMatteo.

For more information on their campaign click here.

Victoria Jackson and Derek Deakins

Victoria Jackson and her running mate Derek Deakins are focusing on transparency and accountability within Student Government.

"[Our platform] is to make sure that we increase [the] accountability of student government to [the] student body of Mason and to also make sure there is transparency," said Jackson.

The duo hope to enlighten students on exactly what Student Government is doing at all times if they win. They also hope to bring a unique perspective to Student Government as Jackson is not only a commuter student, but a transfer student as well.

For more information on the Jackson/Deakins campaign click here.


[Editor's Note]: An earlier draft of this story stated that DeMatteo's running mate, Michael Lillie, was the vice president of the GMU Metro Society. He is is vice president of the GMU Veterans Society.

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