National Severe Weather Preparedness Week

(Photo courtesy of Nick Stasiak)

This week is National Severe Weather Preparedness Week. From March 3-9, the nation is encouraged to learn more about how to stay prepared in case of severe weather this year. Storms are getting stronger and more lives are being threatened every year. Every day this week, C2M Weather will post random facts and tips about how to stay prepared in emergency weather. Pay close attention to these posts as they may very well come in handy.

 This is the perfect week to gain some knowledge on severe weather and how to take action as warnings come out. Anyone can recognize a warning, but not everyone knows how to prepare. Often times, the first responders to a damaging storm scene aren’t people with flashing lights. They are usually friends, family, or teachers.  

The East Coast saw less winter storms this year than average. Although we have only seen a few winter storms, they have each packed quite a punch. Winter Storm Nemo dropped over 30 inches in many major cities up north, like Boston. Winter Storm Saturn, which is modeled to arrive in Fairfax on Wednesday, could very well drop almost a foot of snow in portions of Virginia. The metro area hasn’t really had that much action this winter. We should all take the time to learn about winter storms this week, as we never know when a major one could pop up, much like Saturn. The spring and summer could be just like the winter this year, with fewer storms that pack more of a punch.

The spring season is just around the corner and thunderstorms are going to be in the picture in no time. According to The National Weather Service, more than 930 tornados were reported in the year 2012. April produced 206 of those tornados. Every state in the United States has experienced a tornado. Exactly 46 states experienced a tornado last year, causing at least 1.5 billion dollars in damage. Even with warnings, there were over 450 fatalities, and over 2,600 injuries in 2012.

Not only is this week about being prepared in severe weather, but it’s also about inspiring others around you to be prepared as well. Just as I will be making posts, so should you. Stand up and make a post about staying safe when winter storms or thunderstorms roll in. Make a poster or video to show everyone that you are prepared for the unknown this summer. The NOAA and FEMA have a slogan for this week: “Be a Force of Nature.” C2M Weather will be dedicated to making George Mason University “A Force of Nature.”

Don’t forget to follow C2M Weather for updates on Winter Storm Saturn and the many posts on National Severe Weather Preparedness Week.



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