Office of Global and International Studies answers questions about Songdo Campus

Information sessions answer the questions students may have about studying abroad, especially in Korea (photo by Walter Martinez).
Information sessions answer the questions students may have about studying abroad, especially in Korea (photo by Walter Martinez).

Students confused about the Mason Songdo campus now have the chance to get their questions answered through weekly information and Q&A sessions provided by the Office of Global and International Strategies.

This spring, George Mason University will open a campus in Songdo, South Korea. As a feature of Mason’s vision to become a university for the world, the campus will offer increased opportunities for Mason students to deepen their global understanding in an increasingly globalized society.

“Preparing students for their future lives and careers has to involve a serious global component because they’re living in a world where global interactions are increasingly going to be part of the fabric of their lives,” Provost Peter Stearns said in an interview with Michele McDonald, senior manager at the Office of Student Communications.

The campus in Korea aligns with the initiatives of Angel Cabrera, key stakeholders, and the student body to expand Mason's global community. Mason in Korea will provide students with the unique opportunity to immerse themselves in one of the most technologically advanced and innovative international hubs.

Most universities have focused on establishing branch campuses and other study abroad opportunities only in China, overlooking the opportunities found in Korea.

Songdo is located in one of Korea’s six Free Economic Zones. The zones provide the resources to support Mason’s existence in Korea, aiding the international development and investment of organizations such as the Cisco, World Bank and the United Nations and, in doing so, providing ample learning opportunities for Mason economic and management students.

The admissions process will cater to Mason’s current student body as well as incoming freshmen applicants. Second semester freshmen will be able to pursue degrees in economics and management, while upperclassmen will likely take elective courses such as anthropology, sociology, economics, Korean and math. However, both freshmen and upperclassmen will be able to take Korean language and culture classes.

Initial courses of study will be focused toward undergraduates in economics and management. However, as the university continues to grow, it is expected to become a strong source of education, research and internship opportunities for Mason students in both the United States and Korea.

There are currently two scholarship opportunities for Mason students. The first pertains to students interested in a Peer Advisor Position to cultivate University Life programs and help other students while adjusting to life abroad. The second scholarship provides ten students $500 to help accommodate travel or housing costs.

As of Oct. 16, Stearns and Matthew Zingraff, Mason Korea's interim president and provost, took the final steps to make the Korean Campus a reality. It will officially be open to undergraduate students for enrollment in March 2014.

Mason will be accepting applications for the March term on a rolling basis starting January 15.

The Office of Global and International Strategies is offering Mason Korea information sessions every Tuesday and Thursday in October and November. These sessions cater to students interested in enrolling or learning more about Mason’s global initiatives programs, especially in Korea.

Each session is expected to last approximately 20 minutes, followed by a short Q&A session. For more information, including times and dates of the remaining information sessions, visit

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