Org holds first steak & cake event: free cake

CAFÉ-GMU hosted the first installment of their two part Cake & Steak event this morning. (Jenna Beaver)

CAFÉ-GMU hosted the first installment of their two part Steak & Cake culinary series earlier today. The event marked the one year anniversary of the first event that caused the young group's creation.

Students stopping by their kiosk in the Johnson Center were treated to free cake decorated by members of the Crazy Awesome Food & Entertainment organization. According to their website, the theme was a mix of Valentine’s Day, GMU spirit and “tasteful humor (pun intended).”

The group, which is fully funded by the Student Funding Board, is the first recognized culinary organization at Mason.

Members of the group have been planning the Steak & Cake event since before the semester began, said CAFÉ-GMU President Mark Feghali.

“There have been at least 50 man-hours of planning and execution so far, and that’s mostly for the ‘Cake’ part,” said Feghali in an e-mail interview.

In the near future the group will host the second part of the series where they will give out free steak to students.

“For our ‘Steak’ event, we’re talking to Washington Lamb, a meat wholesaler . . . I think they can spare about 50 lbs for us at a good price,” said Feghali.

The group additionally receives support from the Office of Student Involvement as well as Sodexo, allowing them to never have to charge for food.

“If people paid to eat at our events, there would be expectations, and if the food didn’t meet those expectations, it wouldn’t create the right kind of atmosphere,” said Feghali.

According to their website, the group had 47 cups of homemade butter cream icing and 130,000 sprinkles available to use to decorate the massive cake.

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