Professor Wegman responds to plagiarism allegations


Mason professor and statistician, Edward Wegman, offered a response to the plagiarism charges brought against him. Allegations state that a 2006 congressional climate science report, authored by Wegman, contained several instances of plagiarism. George Mason University is currently investigating the allegations.

In an e-mail response, Wegman stated that "these attacks are unprecedented in my 42 years as an academic and scholar."

Plagiarism allegations first surfaced in 2009, on the Deep Climate website and were later expounded in an analysis by retired computer scientist John Mashey.

"I will say that there is a lot of speculation and conspiracy theory in John Mashey's analysis which is simply not true," Wegman said. “We are not the bad guys…We have never intended that our Congressional testimony was intended to take intellectual credit" for other scholars' work.”

Read more at USAToday.


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