Student Spotlight: Q&A with Scott Green

Scott Green standing in front of the Kuala Lumpur Tower in the federal capital of Malaysia on his MBA global residency trip to Singapore. 

Scott Green is a George Mason University MBA candidate who is set to graduate this spring. He has been a member of the Jackson Cohort and taken courses on the Arlington campus since 2010. A University of Richmond alumnus, Green currently lives in Arlington, Va. with his wife. He can be found after class enjoying a beer and watching his beloved Boston Red Sox or other New England sports teams.

Why did you choose Mason for your MBA?

SG: I believe it offers the best value of the DC-area MBA programs, especially for Virginia residents, which I am. Also, the class schedule fits nicely with my work schedule, and the Arlington campus is a short walk or drive from my apartment.

For those students interested in the MBA program, what kind of advice would you give them?

SG: Get out and meet people. Organize out-of-school activities—like happy hours—with your classmates, and go to as many of them as you can.

As someone who had classes in the original building during your first semester, what do you think of the new Founders Hall facility?

SG: The new building lends a much more legitimate feel to the Arlington campus and, by proxy, the MBA program. The old building was converted from an old department store, and you could tell it was not designed for classrooms, a library, etc.

How do you plan to use your MBA?

SG: I plan to use my MBA to move up in the ranks of management but also from operations into finance. I'm taking finance courses at GMU and plan on tackling the Series 7 and CFA [level] 1 exams this summer.

Where was your MBA global residency and describe it?

SG: Singapore and Malaysia—I'd never been to Asia so it was great to see that side of the world for the first time. We visited several large companies, and it was interesting to see how their approaches to work differ from ours.

What is your most memorable moment from the MBA program?

SG: Discovering mashed potato-dispensing Slurpee machines at 7-11 in Singapore while on our global residency. I've heard they've come stateside but have yet to see one here.

What electives have been the most interesting?

SG: A course I'm taking now—Leadership—is very interesting. Each week we are visited by a different CEO of a local company who shares his/her insight on leadership traits and how they've been able to succeed in the business world.

What professor would you enjoy taking another class from?  

SG: John Jones! He's lived in countries all over the world working for the State Department and always has great stories to tell about the side of diplomacy you don't normally get to hear about on the news.

What's the best part about the Arlington campus?

SG: In addition to all the bars and restaurants in the area (for networking and team building exercises), I really like the amount of space the new building provides. It's never too difficult to find a quiet place to study or meet for a group project.


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