University Comments on alleged Abduction Case

Updated: March 16, 2011 at 9:15 a.m.


Mason Public Relations:

The allegations are currently under review by both the university police and the university's Judicial Affairs office.  Mason police officials  are continuing to look at all details of the incident.  If any new information is uncovered it will be conveyed to the appropriate authorities in Fairfax County and to the university.

The university's Judicial Affairs office has also begun its process to look into the allegations.  Both law enforcement officials and the Judicial Affairs office recognize the urgency of the situation and are moving as quickly as possible.  University officials will provide information to the public as it becomes available, and as is appropriate.


Mason Vice President Maurice W. Scherrens:

This is a serious matter and we intend to thoroughly review the actions of all the parties involved in this incident.  George Mason University embraces diversity and inclusiveness, and will not tolerate actions inconsistent with this core value.


Mason Police Declined a FOIA request for records. Mason Police contuinally denied giving general comments on the case.


Mason Officer Emily Ross declined to comment.


Officer James RapoliSergent Van Doren, and Vice President Sandra Scherrens have not yet replied to requests for a statement.


Mason Vice President Maurice W. Scherrens stated that "[Dahir] knows weare reviewing all aspects of this matter and doing so in as expeditious and as comprehensive a manner as possible. We hope to have resolution in the very near future."


Mason PR has also released an updated statement (4/15/11):

Thank you for your concern regarding George Mason University and the students involved in the incident in Fenwick Library last week. The investigation by the university police department and the Judicial Affairs office made significant progress today, but is still ongoing.

The response and outpouring of concern for both students involved in this incident from our students, alumni, faculty and staff are a validation of Mason’s commitment to fostering a campus community where respect for all is the hallmark.  University officials wish to thank those who took the time to contact us.   When we have further information we will make it public, as is appropriate, and will make every attempt to respond to those who provided contact information.

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