Weekends at Mason hosts HIV/AIDS awareness fashion show Nov. 30

As November comes to an end, December welcomes us with cold air, bundled coats and HIV awareness. Dec. 1—World AIDS Day—marks the beginning of HIV Awareness Month, and George Mason University students are eager to bring the awareness to campus.

Students gear up for what is going to be an exciting, educational event: Red Alert: Work the Runway—an HIV/AIDS Awareness Week fashion show occurring tonight, Nov. 30.

“I am very excited and also nervous for the fashion show,” said junior Jasmine Young. This is Young’s first time participating in the show. “But I know that what the other models and myself are doing will be effective.”

The student-led fashion show has been in rehearsal for close to five weeks, each rehearsal lasting for three hours at a time. All the preparation comes to a close with just hours remaining before the show.

The event is held in honor of HIV/AIDS awareness, encouraging students to be knowledgeable in day-to-day decisions with regard to sex.

“I hope that the audience takes away that HIV/AIDS is a very serious matter,” Young said.

In order to promote more awareness, the fashion show will incorporate Red Alert Project Condom.

Red Alert Project Condom aims to promote safe, healthy sexual practices at Mason by providing awareness of condom use and/or abstinence and encouraging the practice of regular condom use.

The Red Alert Project Condom initiative also uses a contest in which students create garments out of condoms.

The Red Alert Fashion Show is sponsored by Weekends At Mason. The event will be located in Dewberry Hall starting at 8 p.m.

Mason Cable Network will also be broadcasting the event LIVE on Connect2Mason beginning at 7:30 p.m.

(Video shot and edited by Trevor DeSaussure)

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