WGMU Learns What’s 'Nu' in the World of DC R&B

Nu Era is a local R&B and hip-hop group made up of five brothers (four singers and a rapper who is also a second tenor) who were raised together in Washington, DC.  Under the influence of their father, they began singing together ten years ago and are currently promoting their latest project “Dawn of a Nu Era.”  The album is made up of club songs, love ballads, and a couple of compositions that are unquestionable odes to notable, classic groups of the 60’s such as the Temptations.

As part of their promotion efforts, they made a quick stop by GMU on a Friday afternoon to talk to WGMU’s Local Music Director Sam Riot about their current project and to give Mason a firsthand look at the men behind the music.   During this live on air interview, WGMU’s listeners were able to get a feel for who these young men were as artists and what sets them apart from the many other talented male vocal groups vying for the attention of the young female listeners who make up their primary audience.

In response to Sam’s inquiry as to what makes Nu Era unique, the collective answer, and a source of pride for each group member, is their focus on being true vocalists who put a great deal of concentration on perfecting their harmonies.  Those who listen to WGMU regularly will get a dose of those harmonies during one of our many song rotations.   During the promo that Nu Era recorded for the station, each group member introduced himself and then altogether, they sang a portion of their single “Made for You” acapella.

Their song concepts, which focus on love, relationships, being the right choice for a girl, and vice versa, make it clear that they understand to whom they are singing and what that audience would like to hear.   This sentiment was expressed during the interview when one of the group members explained, “That’s who we’re doin it for…the ladies.” 

Understanding that the young female audience enjoys the visual aesthetic of a musical performance as much as the auditory, Nu Era describes themselves as an act that gives a “real performance,” consisting of singing, rapping, and dancing as well.   This is perhaps the reason for their success in booking engagements in such notable areas as the Caribbean and on cruise lines.

When asked about their musical influences as a group and as individuals, they referenced artists and groups that go back as far as the Temptations and that are as current as R&B singer Ginuwine.  The influences of the former can be heard on tracks such as “Still in Love” and “I Speak.” 

The group was not reserved in expressing their enthusiasm at sharing themselves and their music with Mason’s listening audience.  They talked about having previously performed at the Bistro last year during a Valentine’s Day celebration, and they were more than excited about the prospect of showcasing their talents again on our campus.  Be on the lookout and be listening because you never know when, where, or how they might show up again in the near future, whether just in our rotation or live in a campus facility near you.         


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