Fallon Talks Conan, Pattinson and Fey

Jimmy Fallon of Saturday Night Live fame has been the host of Conan O'Brien's former show, Late Night, for just over a year.
(Photo by Marieanne O'Leary, under Creative Commons on flickr)

Conan O'Brien's former slot may feel a little more comfortable now for NBC Universal's late-night host Jimmy Fallon. Last night, with the help of the show's guest Robert Pattinson, the former Saturday Night Live star turned talk show host celebrated the one-year anniversary of his show, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

WGMU Program Director Alex Romano recently had the opportunity to speak with Fallon about his show and the stars he's met on this segment that aired on Tuesday's episode of The Candy Shop, hosted by Richard Everett, Chris Eder and David Houck.

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