Parking Lot Closes: Housing Project to Add 600 Beds to Campus

The new housing unit, which is projected to open in August 2012, will add 600 beds to the Fairfax campus. Another parking lot will accompany the project, offsetting the lost parking spaces in the now-closed Lot I, where the construction will take place. (Rendering via George Mason University)


UPDATED 8:23 p.m.  

Lot Ia surface lot, was recently closed to begin construction on the Northwest Housing VIIIA complex.

Students who previously parked in Lot I, which was used heavily by students living on campus, were given an option of getting a refund or parking at another location on campus.

“[People with Lot I permits] were all given a choice — either downgrade to a general lot permit and be refunded $115, [the] difference between [the] general lot and Lot I pass, or [a] free upgrade to the Rappahannock Deck reserved area, [which are] levels four [through] five,” said Director of Parking and Transportation Josh Cantor. “I think most have come in, but I think we still have a few stragglers. [It] seemed to be about a 50/50 split of which option people chose.”

According to Project Manager Nancy Pickens, the housing complex will begin construction soon.

“The project consists of 600 beds of student housing in two buildings,” said Pickens. “One building will consist of apartment-type living and the other will have suite-type rooms. Construction should begin shortly with the opening of the facilities scheduled for August 2012.” (Click to see a larger rendering)

The project, which shut down Lot I, will also change the road structure of the Fairfax Campus.

“There is also infrastructure and road work associated with the project consisting of [the] construction of [a] high temperature hot water tunnel, chilled water piping, electric, water and sewer lines, as well as the realignment of Occoquan River Lane,” said Pickens.

According to Pickens, the housing project is being funded by state funds and will also include a parking lot that is approximately the same size as Lot I.


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