Biking becoming a popular method of transport following incentives, new bike racks

Biking is becoming an increasingly popular method of getting around campus. (Jake McLernon)

With spring here and the mercury in thermometers rising, it isn’t uncommon to see the George Mason University campus in a flurry of activity, particularly when it comes to students and faculty zipping away on their bikes. Bike riding has become a popular alternative to taking the bus or driving to Mason, and can not only save time getting to campus, but can also help biker’s pocketbooks.

“I just bike to get around,” says Eric Lu, a sophomore studying government and communication.  Although he usually walks around campus, he started borrowing his friend’s bike last year.  “I just bike to get to where I need to go, usually when I’m late,” he says. “It does make getting to places easier and it’s nice to ride when the weather’s nice outside.”

It is typical to see students on bikes or long boards around campus heading to their classes or meeting up with friends. Mason offers several bike paths through campus.  On the GMU Transportation website, links to several maps are available containing bike paths on campus and around Fairfax.  Bike racks are located all around the Fairfax, Arlington and Prince William campuses, many right outside of classroom buildings and dorms.  This number is steadily increasing, and will continue to increase as demand for bike racks goes up.

Mason has started a Bike to Campus Day once a month starting this semester. Students and faculty who bike to campus have the opportunity to socialize with other bikers and to talk with the GMU Transportation staff. 

In addition to this, a Bicycle Commuter Benefit Program is now opened to staff members on campus.  This is meant to encourage the use of bikes to get to campus.  Members receive benefits such as coupons to local biking shops and parking passes.


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