Mason Day 2012 recap [BROADSIDE]+[VIDEO]

(Videos by C2M Photo and Video Editor Jake McLernon)

Republished from April 30, 2012 Broadside

The 47th annual Mason Day was a success despite the chily weather and the threat of rain.

The games, rides, entertainment and music were enjoyed by all. Another big draw for sutents was free food available at carts set up by various restaurants and other organizations on the crowded grounds. The offerings included ice cream, funnel cakes, popcorn, snow cones, pizza, cotton candy and many other types of junk food college students love.

"I really liked the cheeseburgers, popcorn and funnel cake," siad senior intergrative studies major Michelle Pineiro. "The fried odughnuts were good. I liked that they were warm!"

Read the full piece by Broadside Correspondent Krista Germanis in this year's final Broadside.

You can see photos from the show on our Facebook page.

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