DIY Holiday Gifting

With the popularity of sites like Pinterest, it seems like everyone has caught the crafting bug. What better way to cross some pins off your Pinterest board than crafting for the holidays? Not only will it give you some creative time to de-stress after exams, but it is also a cost-effective approach to the holidays that will keep you from spending beyond your means.

Check out these gift ideas for Mom:
Diamonds might be the way to a girl’s heart, but they are so darn expensive! If you want to give your mom some jewelry this holiday, but need a thriftier approach, check out this idea:

  • A Bird Nest Necklace: All you need to make this necklace from is wire, beads and a little time. Just add as many “eggs” your mom’s flock has, and you will have a necklace that is sentimental and chic.

(DIY necklaes for your mom are a great gift for the holidays. (Photo courtesy of

If your mom isn’t too into jewelry, try this idea:

  • What moms love best is the gift of time, especially when they get to spend it with their favorite kid! Make one of these felt cup sleeves in her favorite color, and top it off with a little note letting her know you’d love to meet for a coffee date – your treat!

What do you get for the man who wants nothing? Dads can be the hardest to shop for (how many ties can you give him?). This year, try making him something:

  • Start with something simple, like decorating a coffee mug with a sharpie. For an added bonus, fill it with your dad’s favorite candy or nuts. Stop here first to learn how to make your crafty mug dishwasher safe.
  • If you are  feeling more adventurous, check out this tutorial on how to sew a cover for your dad’s favorite i-gadget in less than 20 minutes.

You know your best friend’s style better than anyone. If you want to wow your bestie with a truly stylish gift, check out these sites:

  • For a no-sew, boho inspired scarf visit sweetestkeepsakes for the “Loop de’ Loop” scarf.
  • If your friend is a Taylor Swift fan, she has no doubt been crushing on these cute kitty flats. Visit to see how you can make her a pair for a fraction of the cost.
  • Make these beautiful earrings for your close friend using a surprising holiday decoration.

Handmade gifts are great for That Special Someone!

  • Want to learn a new skill this winter? Try knitting a scarf! Your sweetheart will love that you put in the extra effort to make something especially for them. Visit YouTube for pointers like the video below on how to start knitting. And if you are more experienced, try knitting them some socks!
  • If your boyfriend is not the scarf wearing type, check out this craft idea on how to make him a set of glasses based on his favorite spirited beverage.


How about for your Significant Other’s Mother?

  • One great idea that’s sure to impress is a dry pie or cake mix. Just layer all the dry ingredients into a mason jar, top it off with a bow and maybe a festive spoon, and you’ve got a gift that’s fun and simple. There are tons of great recipes on the web for dry cookie, cake, and pie mixes. Try this one for some added holiday flair.

There is  always that one person who you wonder if you should get a gift for. Are you close enough? Would it be weird? For that Casual Acquaintance who you don’t want to exclude, try one of these great ideas:

  • Yoga ties and headbands have become quite fashionable lately. Stores like Anthropologie and Aerie sell sets of three for as much as 12 dollars. But by buying materials from Sunshine Shoppe, where elastic is as little as 50 cents a yard, you can make a variety of bands for any casual friend and a couple for yourself too! Read more at
  • Another great idea for casual friends is a cute mug loaded with hot cocoa mix, marshmallows and a peppermint stick. Visit for a yummy recipe idea.

For more great craft ideas check out Craft Gawker, a Pinterest-esque site where you can find links to thousands of great craft ideas.

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