OPINION: When is it appropriate to begin decorating for the holidays?

Connect2Mason conducted a poll in which 69 respondents gave us their opinion  concerning the appropriate time to begin decorating for the holidays. The results might surprise you. 

DIY Holiday Gifting

With the popularity of sites like Pinterest, it seems like everyone has caught the crafting bug. What better way to cross some pins off your Pinterest board than crafting for the holidays? Not only will it give you some creative time to de-stress after exams, but it is also a cost-effective approach to the holidays that will keep you from spending beyond your means.

A campus holiday tour

C2M- Holiday Campus Tour from Raul Rosado on Vimeo.

The weather is colder, the malls are full, and there are lights everywhere – that means the holiday season is here once again.

Top five holiday dates to cap the semester

As finals wind down and the holidays approach, it’s the perfect time to organize a holiday date to awe that special someone. Take a look at these top five holiday date ideas here in the D.C. area that are affordable, but still might get you that kiss under the mistletoe.


5. Getting Cozy

The reality of home for the holidays

For students whose first semester away at college is about to culminate with a lengthy vacation home for winter break, they might find themselves and their parents experiencing culture shock.

Students change a lot during their first semester away, and even for more experienced students, going home for break often brings more rules and parental oversight than is found on campus. Read the Washington Post story here.