The five most annoying characters in gaming

Connect2Mason reporter Antonio Washington breaks down his top 5 picks for the most annoying characters in video gaming (photo courtesy of Ashley Sturgis via
Connect2Mason reporter Antonio Washington breaks down his top 5 picks for the most annoying characters in video gaming (photo courtesy of Ashley Sturgis via

In video games, just like life, there are individuals that just know how to get on your last nerve. In gaming, it’s the characters. The percentage of these frustratingly, annoying characters seems to have only increased recently. Maybe game developers get a kick out of creating such characters, but who really knows. 

So in order to help you avoid these pests, Connect2Mason video game reporter Antonio Washingtion shares his list of the top five most annoying characters in video games:

Miles "Tails" Prower from the Sonic videogames doesn't seem to be good for much in this video game (phot courtesy of  

5. Miles “Tails” Prower from “Sonic the Hedgehog 2”  
Sonic the Hedgehog 2 introduces Tails, the fast-footed hedgehog’s “sidekick.” Unfortunately, his ambitions surpass his abilities.

Why he’s annoying: Tails is good for absolutely nothing. Unable to keep up with Sonic’s momentum, playing co-op as Tails is constantly a struggle to keep him on screen. The computer-controlled Tails is far worse. He becomes a digitized version of the bumbling sidekick—crashing into bombs, jumping into a pit of spikes and drowning. During regular gameplay, when he’s not frequently dying, Tails has been known to prematurely activate crumbling platforms and elevators. The worst part? He thinks he’s helping.

4. Slippy Toad from Starfox 64
This toad pilot, and mechanical, genius is a valued member of the Starfox team—until he opens his mouth, engages in combat, or does just about anything.

Why he’s annoying: You would think that a toad piloting a jet fighter would be incredibly awesome. Unfortunately, it’s more annoying than awesome. During every mission, Slippy immediately makes himself the most hated member of the Starfox team by using his annoying high-pitched voice to shout useless advice. During combat, his idea of fighting consists of being pinned down by enemy fire and bugging Fox to save him.

3. Navi from “Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time”
In this installment of Zelda, Link is called again to save the land of Hyrule. Links personal fairy, Navi, joins him in his quest. She shows how much she cares for Link by constantly nagging him like a clingy girlfriend.

Why she’s annoying: Anyone who’s played Ocarina of Time can still hear that high-pitched little voice saying, “Hey! Listen! Hey! Watch out! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Listen!.”It gets old and annoying real fast.

2. Ashley Graham from “Resident Evil 4
“Resident Evil 4” sends U.S. special agent Leon S. Kennedy to rescue Ashley, the president’s daughter. Once you find her, keeping her alive becomes a tedious task and a full-time job for the rest of the game.

Why she’s annoying: Game developers have yet to realize that no one enjoys protecting the weak and useless; or worse, controlling them. Ashley’s special abilities include being difficult, slowing you down, and making the game less fun. It gets to the point than when Ashley gets recaptured, you’re relieved. You can continue slaughtering mutated Spanish villagers unencumbered.

Tingle from the Legand of Zelda (photo courtesy of

1. Tingle from “Zelda Majora’s Mask”
This eccentric little man sells you maps, making it easier for Link to find his way through the world. But he wears a spandex fairy costume.

Why he’s annoying: I’m all for character development in video games. Tingle looks like a fleshed 35 year old man fulfilling his fairy fantasy. Sure, Link wears green tights, but he has a sword. Tingle has balloons. Not exactly the most heroic looking. What makes all of this worse is that one can’t avoid him, because he’s got the maps. 


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