New Student Media magazine focuses on 'Mason Around the Globe'

The Office of Student Media’s latest issue of VoxPop is out and available to the George Mason University community. Entitled Mason Around the Globe, it focuses on the opportunities Mason offers it students to study or travel abroad.

Local music scene members sit down for round table discussion

In a round table discussion about the Washington D.C. metropolitan area music scene, members of such local bands as The Independent, The Automatics and former members of other bands as well as regular concertgoers and venue employees talked about their views and experiences.

The District gets down

Spilling out onto the sidewalk under cig¬arette haze, throngs of the nouvelle-hip emerge. Sweaty and smiling, they take a break from dancing their asses off in the smallest hours of the morning. Inside, the beat is throbbing; emerald lights pulsate, hips undulate, Red Bull and vodka flow.

You’re probably thinking Brooklyn or Berlin, but lately, it’s D.C. that’s been stepping up its game in the let-it-all-loose dance party department.

Vote on the Best Parts of Mason

Do you think you know the best things about Mason and the Fairfax area? VoxPop Magazine is working on its latest publication, the Best of Mason, and the staff is looking for your opinions to share in the magazine.

VoxPop: The MPG Factor

By VoxPop Staff Writer Stefanie Juul, Green Magazine

So you need a new car. Well, it doesn’t exactly have to be new, but it has to be better than the ancient, clunky, rundown excuse for a car that you’ve been running into the ground. It should be cheap, but it also ought to be able to handle a lot of commuting with a minimum amount of money and effort put into its maintenance. Maybe you just want to look at some really nice cars and imagine that, at some point, you’ll actually be able to buy one of the beauties. Either way finding the right car to buy is no easy task.

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VIDEO: VoxPop Holds Talent Show

Watch footage of VoxPop's talent show, held April 3 in the Johnson Center atrium. Among student performers, VoxPop and Lock It featured East on Orange, an indie/acoustic/rock band from Stafford, Va.

Read more about the event here.

VOXPOP: Workout Central

By VoxPop Staff Writer Stefanie Juul, VoxPop Body + Life Magazine

You’ve got a couple of hours before your next class. Too much time to just check email and too little time to bother going home for a nap. The computers are all taken, and you’re too overwhelmed with required reading to want to go to the library. What’s left to do?

The Aquatic and Fitness Center may be your best bet. Only a short walk from the Johnson Center, the gym holds several opportunities for students and staff to improve, strengthen, and revive their mind, body, and spirit.

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VOXPOP: The Ordinary Cadet

By VoxPop Careers Writing Intern Spencer Hixon
Excerpt from VoxPop Careers Magazine, pick up your copy next week in SUB I room 204

One team, one fight.” That’s the call of the New River Battalion, where Cadet Nathan Ratliff lives and plays. He is a freshman (or “MS1”) at Radford University. For him, the ROTC (Reserve Officers’ Training Corps) is an amazing opportunity to do the things he has only seen on TV while serving his country.

When I’m in uniform, people either respect me for what I am doing or they shun me,” Nathan said.

Like many others, he joined the ROTC to pay for his college education, earning a full scholarship and stipend at RU. Not only is he guaranteed a job after graduation, but he will have gained leadership skills and experienced some of the best training the American military has to offer.