Fourth Estate Lifestyle Reporter Arrielle Brooks

Documentary exposing the dangers of uranium mining features at Cinema Arts Theatre

Cinema Arts Theatre on Main Street held a free screening and Q&A of an environmental documentary titled “Hot Water,” written and produced by Lizabeth Rogers.

The event, held on Nov. 14, was sponsored by the We the People Campaign. It exposed the possible hazards of uranium mining in the United States.

Nuclear power plants have a legacy of both financial and environmental strain through uranium mining, leaving behind enough chemical residues to contaminate local air, food, and water supplies.

Mason's Folklore Program hosts Spooky Story Swap

In the spirit of Halloween, the Folklore Department and its student-run organization, the Folklore Roundtable, teamed up to host a Spooky Stories event on Wednesday night.

Students and faculty gathered in the JC and shared their strange experiences with one another, depicting stories about things from haunted libraries to possessed pianos. Storytelling has been an integral form of communication in every culture and the event helped highlight this fact as people from different backgrounds explained the histories behind some of their stories.

Mason organizations connect to the student body through George Mason statue

The George Mason statue has, over the years, become an advertisement platform for many student organizations.

On Monday morning, George Mason University's Open Access organization took up the task of decorating the George Mason statue during their "Dress Up George!" event.

Artist Min Li exposes Mason campus to traditional Chinese art

Artist Min Li comes to Mason campus to battle against the "made in China" image of Chinese art.

This month, the Confucius Institute welcomes visitors to its Chinese Paper Cutting Exhibit at Mason. The exhibit is located in the JC 123 Gallery and features both the traditional works of artists from China's Fujian province and the works of modern artist Min Li.

The works have been transported to several universities in the U.S. with the help of Li’s liason to Mason Yunhan Zhang.

Adam WarRock promotes nerd culture through rap music

In association with this year's Geek Week, Adam WarRock, proud "nerdcore" rapper, held a concert in the HUB.

On Wednesday night, Oct. 9, students gathered to hear WarRock rap about his interests:  science and history, comic books and video games, TV shows and movies, and the recent movement in pop culture that seems to glorify  geek culture.

Fall for the Blog: Courtney Brkic and Marjan Kamali

Fourth Estate follows events of the Fifteenth Annual Fall for the Book Festival through Fall for the Blog.
Authors Courtney Brkic and Marjan Kamali share their accounts of immigrant-American life. 

Confucius Institute holds first Language Buddy Event

On Wednesday, Sept. 18, the Confucius Institute at Mason kicked off its first Language Buddy event to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival.

The Confucius Institute often sponsors a variety of events on campus that highlight different aspects of Chinese culture, but this is the first that focuses on student interaction and fellowship.

Mason students find jobs teaching elementary students chess

Silver Knights Chess Company offers George Mason students an opportunity to coach elementary students in chess. 

"You've got to start young," says Sharon Buttram, Silver Knights' Human Resources Manager. "Most parents are looking for programs for elementary school kids, more than they are for middle school or even high school students."