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International Cafe heightens global understanding at Mason

The Office of International Program and Services welcomes all students to sample the many cultures represented on the Mason campus through their monthly International Café. 

The event’s mission is to make students comfortable with Mason’s diversity through international snacks and drinks, along with booths showcasing different countries and their cultures.

Top 5 weekend picks April 11

Every week Connect2Mason will offer five entertainment picks for your weekend. Ranging from on-campus to off-campus events, Connect2Mason's Top 5 will give you a jump start on your weekend. Here are the Top 5 picks for this weekend:

Mason Ke Rang dance team is anything but normal

Mason Ke Rang is anything but your average dance team. This past week Connect2Mason was able to sit in on one of the team’s practices. Within the first 10 seconds anyone would be hooked.

Mason Ke Rang claimed first place at last year’s International Week Dance Competition, coming in as an underdog as their first year competing. MKR proved themselves as a force to be reckoned with by surpassing the expectations of the competition and challenging the traditional norms of dance within the Mason community.

A look into Mason's 2013 International Week

Hot on the heels of Pride Week, George Mason University will host International Week – a weeklong series of events that aim to celebrate the diversity of Mason students and faculty. From Monday, April 8 to Friday, April 12, there will be dozens of events on the Fairfax campus that help remind students of their membership in a global community.

Weekly Rundown: 5 events for your week

No time to look through Today @ Mason or sift through Facebook event invitations? We've got you covered. Here are some events for the week to consider placing on your Google Calendar or iCal. (Or your traditional paper planner.)

Tuesday, April 17
Prince William Campus Cultural Fusion Day

Pope recognizes Catholic Campus Ministry on soccer win

Diocese of Arlington's Bishop Paul Loverde reads a letter Thursday from the Pope's personal representative to the U. S. The letter is a papal recognition of the Catholic Campus Ministry's win in a soccer tournament. (Kevin Loker)

Message of non-violence discussed at International Week event

Two Scholars from India on Thursday explained that the Gandhian philosophy of non-violent resistance is the most successful way to bring down regimes.

The Globalization in India Working Group hosted the event, “Non-Violent Resistance Today – Issues, Strategies and Challenges” on April 14. Many students and faculty members attended the International Week event.

International Week turns 31

The 31st annual International Week kicked off this past weekend. The week, which is a George Mason University tradition, showcases the various cultures of Mason's diverse student body.

C2M's Alicia Thayer collected GM View video footage of International Weeks from the past and compiled them together into the above video.

Top 5 events for the week of April 11 [International Edition]

Hello, studiers and academics (who like to get out and mingle). We've got a new treat for you.

Connect2Mason’s Top 5 are our staff's picks for the week's best academic and learning events. Every Monday, C2M will post a new Top 5 which will highlight some of the most interesting, informational and creative academic events going on at campus this week.