Audio: Interview with Mason Day peformer Andy Grammer

With roots in New York, musician Andy Grammer has worked hard to get to where he is today. Having performed on the streets of California before "making it big," Grammer is both humble and aware of the luck of his success. With hits such as "Keep Your Head Up," "Fine By Me" and "Miss Me," Grammer is the musician who will be performing at this year's annual Mason Day concert.

Q&A with The Last Bison front man Ben Hardesty

You might have missed the release of Chesapeake, Va.-based band The Last Bison’s album “Inheritance,” but it hasn’t gone unnoticed by others. With an album released in early March, this seven-piece folk band performed all across the country this year and was part of a star-studded line-up at the annual SXSW Music Festival in Austin, Texas.

Q&A with GMU English professor Eric Pankey on his new book of poems

“I always tell my students that one practices poetry. One is constantly learning and discovering how to write the next and the next poem,” explains Eric Pankey, a George Mason University English professor and a celebrated poet.

Q&A: Local musican Gideon Grove comes to Fairfax's Jammin' Java

Whenever I begin interviews, I never start with the first question. Instead,  the interview starts with research. In this case listening to Gideon Grove’s new album “Wildfires” (available on iTunes) which was released in November 2012 was my research. Grove will be performing on Friday, January 25 at Fairfax’s Jammin’ Java at 8 p.m.


Lucy Wainwright Roche stops in Fairfax, Va. to promote new album

The phone rang a few times before Wainwright finally answered. One could not help feeling that little thrill right before the first hello rings through the line. “Can you hear me right now? I’m driving in my car,” Lucy Wainwright said as the conversation began.

AUDIO Interview with "Lawless" author Matt Bondurant

Author Matt Bondurant is the author of three novels, "The Third Translation," "The Wettest County in the World" and most recently "The Night Swimmer." A former George Mason University English professor, Bondurant will be a part of this year's annual Fall for the Book festival