Fourth Estate Reporter Kennedy Patterson

Costs block development of Greek row

Mason has twenty fraternities and sororities that recruit in the fall and sixteen more that accept members throughout the school year. Yet without campus-provided housing, the groups face unique problems like reserving spaces for events and forming their own living arrangements. Members often room together or rent houses off campus.

Virginia's candidates for Governor discuss higher education

In Virginia this year, low unemployment among 18-24 year olds and higher education is brought to the forefront of the governors’ debate. Virginia21, a non-partisan group dedicated to educating Virginia’s 18-26 year olds, reports the current economic recovery largely excludes that same age group, wages for 21 year olds have fallen 5.4% since 2011 and people under 25 are twice as likely to be unemployed as the general population.

Director speaks about award winning documentary at Mason

George Mason University’s inaugural 9/11 day of service included bake sales, fundraisers for veterans, clothing drives, gardening and more.  Capping it all off was the screening of “Where Soldiers Come From,” a documentary following a group of friends who enlist and deploy to the army right out of high school.