Director speaks about award winning documentary at Mason

from the poster of the film "Where Soldiers Come From"
from the poster of the film "Where Soldiers Come From"

George Mason University’s inaugural 9/11 day of service included bake sales, fundraisers for veterans, clothing drives, gardening and more.  Capping it all off was the screening of “Where Soldiers Come From,” a documentary following a group of friends who enlist and deploy to the army right out of high school.

 While Heather Courtney, the Emmy award-winning director of the film, certainly shows the atrocities of war and deployment, her achievement comes in painting the poignant picture of the atrocity it leaves behindthe ghosts that haunt those who enlist long after they come home. It also covers the struggles of the families and communities who are left behind to pick up the pieces.

In his opening remarks, Kevin Stoy, the event committee leader for the day of service, spoke of 9/11 being a collectively shared experience, even within the international community. “Where Soldiers Come From” touches on the global perspective and allows viewers to see the different lives of several soldiers in their role during the war.

On her intention with making the film, Courtney says “my motivation was originally going back to my hometown to tell a story about growing up in rural America.”

Jim Laychack, associate vice president of University Development and president of the Pentagon Memorial Fund, gave his opening remarks before “Where Soldiers Come From” based on his own brother’s death in the 9/11 attack. The Pentagon Memorial Fund is a nonprofit organization that raises money for the construction of a memorial for those who lost their lives in the attacks. He was a graduate of GMU. After the film, during a Q&A session with the director, there was commentary from a Mason student who had recently returned from several deployments and identified with the issues Courtney brought to light. About her film, Courtney says “I was always very inspired by friendship and family and community.”

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