Anytime Dining comes to Mason next fall

All you can eat, when you want to eat it. 

That’s the motto of the new Anytime Dining system that Mason Dining will be implementing next fall.

On Nov. 7, the student senate passed a resolution that expressed support of this dining plan. The resolution was submitted by Stacy Fleming, the chairwoman of the University Services Committee.

Changes to Ultimate Meal Plan cause confusion among students

Mason students with the “Ultimate” meal plan may be in for a shock the next time they try to swipe in their friends at Southside.

Students still have unlimited access to Southside; however, they will only be able to swipe their ID card once every 30 minutes. The change was made after the Mason Card office noticed that students were sharing their meal swipes at Southside with their friends.

Nutritional dining facility opens in Southside

Adding a fresh and unique concept to college dining halls, Mason Dining has received excellent feedback about Peak Performance, their newest addition to Southside.

On Nov. 19, Mason Dining held a grand opening for Peak Performance in Southside, which brought together President Angel Cabrera, various Mason Athletics coaches, members of Mason Dining, and student-athletes.

According to Ram Nabar, Mason Dining’s resident district manager, Peak Performance was a collaborative effort between Mason Dining and Mason’s athletic department.

OPINION: The disparity between Fairfax campus growth and dining hall capacity

In the fall of 2009, George Mason University was classified as a commuter campus. Now, four years later in the fall of 2012, much at Mason has changed. The university has seen a monumental change in its identity. New administrative buildings and residential halls have grown up from empty spaces. Former parking lots and buildings have been gutted and reinvented completely. Although it has been a somewhat cumbersome process, the campus has entered a new phase in its life--that of a residential campus beginning to forge its own unique identity.

Southside looks to 'entice all five senses' with cultural celebrations

Southside is looking at new ways to celebrate cultures at Mason with plans to celebrate multiculural holidays with a festival atmospshere (Jake McLernon).

George Mason University’s all-you-can-eat dining hall, Southside, is making new efforts to celebrate Mason's many cultures.

Southside flood closes Without Boundaries

It started "raining" Monday in Southside when the overhead pipes heated up after a long winter break. Things were a little wet. (Jenna Beaver)

Southside flooded Monday morning. Damage from the water, which came pouring out of two holes in the overhead pipes, temporarily closed one of the dining facilities' food stations.