Southside flood closes Without Boundaries

It started "raining" Monday in Southside when the overhead pipes heated up after a long winter break. Things were a little wet. (Jenna Beaver)

Southside flooded Monday morning. Damage from the water, which came pouring out of two holes in the overhead pipes, temporarily closed one of the dining facilities' food stations.

The "waterfall" began shortly an hour after the facility opened, and occurred along the serving side of the main entree station Without Boundaries. The station was closed for damage assessment and repair, though the main entree options moved the pasta station. 

According to Denise Ammaccapane, the head of Mason Dining, the incident was likely a result of hot water returning through the overhead pipes, which were very cold after remaining largely unused during the university's winter break.The dining facility opened Sunday evening as students returned to their dorms, but the temperature had not been adjusted to normal operating conditions until today. 

Without Boundaries reopened with a limited menu at about 5:30 p.m. The cost of the damage to the walls has yet to be determined. 

No one was injured in the incident.




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