OPINION: Cuts to SNAP may be mitigated by donating to local food banks

For many Americans, November brings thoughts of a gluttonous holiday meal. But, for those Americans enrolled in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, commonly referred to as SNAP, November brings a kick in the face reminder of their poverty.

On Nov. 1, a recession era boost in benefits expired, thus approximately 47 million people will have to cope with reduced food stamps just as the holiday season begins. The general consensus within the GOP seems to be that if the food stamp recipients work hard enough, they should be able to pull themselves out of poverty.

REVIEW: An Evening of One-Acts

Mason Players host their first one-act showcase with shows that cast ominous shadows on the human condition.

There are very few opportunities for students see a one act play. Until very recently, Mason had yet to find a way to produce shorter work that exceeded ten minutes but fell short of a full 90 minute play.

The “Evening of One-Acts” hosted by Mason Players from Nov. 21-24 finally gave students the chance to see two established one-act plays. As previous studio shows have been, these plays were directed, acted and designed by students.

POLL: What Type of Caffeine Do Students Prefer?

Caffeine addiction feels like an essential part of many American college students' lives. This week, Fourth Estate Lifestyle will be covering how caffeine impacts Mason campus and how it affects our bodies and the brains that we use this drug to stimulate.

Crisis app prepares students for the worst

Mason has helped develop a new mobile app designed to teach students about what to do in an emergency.

The app “In Case of Crisis” provides detailed instructions for what to do in events ranging from severe weather and power outages to on-campus violence or bomb threats. It also lists emergency contacts and offers more general, basic information, like how to receive notifications of an emergency and how people with mobility impairments or disabilities should respond.

OPINION: Unpaid internships are something to avoid

Students, professors, columnists and social scientists are all talking about the rise of the so-called “new normal” is the unpaid internship.

Unpaid labor has always been in existence, yet, more than ever, the unpaid internship has taken a prominent position in American economic culture.  

According to the Association of Colleges and Employers, over 63 percent of the nation’s class of 2013 had an internship or “co-op” of some kind. Of those who had an internship, 48 percent worked without monetary pay.

Grammy-winning soprano Leona Mitchelll visits Mason

As someone who has had a rather shaky introduction to opera, I have since fallen in love with it.  Not because I know how difficult it is to hit that C sharp in the middle of an aria, but because the stories wrapped within the music are reflective of the feelings humans go through each day. Instead of telling the audience through a monologue of a character’s emotions, they are sung with such empathy that  literally makes one quake in their seat. Without realizing it, you are swept up and all language barriers are forgotten.

OPINION: Why students should step out of comfort zones and embrace adventure

This week, a man jumped out of a tiny metal container twenty-five miles above the surface of the earth. He fell at nearly 1,000 mph before being slowed by a thickening atmosphere and what appeared to be a very small parachute. Watching this live on my laptop made me wonder if I would ever do anything this cool or adventurous in my entire life. Realistically, the answer is no—I will probably not climb Everest or parachute from outer space. But this doesn’t mean we all can’t embrace having a sense of adventure in our own lives. 

Will the real Mason Nation please stand up? [OPINION]

With 10 seconds left on the clock, the Rams were shooting free throws to add to their lead. The student section always stands during games, but at this point, they were urging the rest of Mason Nation (ironically, the fans who had to pay to be there) to join them.

“Stand up!” *Boom Boom* “Stand up!” *Boom Boom*

Students for Workers' Rights show thanks for dining workers

C2M's George Yanez follows students asking for canned food to benefit dining workers. (George Yanez)