Off-Campus Weekend: September 2, 2010

Looking for something to do this weekend? Check out this round-up events and entertainment in the area, compiled by C2M Senior News Editor for Off-Campus and Community Jordan Frasier. 

1) Going the Distance
Drew Barrymore is back on the big screen this weekend in a new romantic comedy, “Going the Distance,” co-staring Justin Long, Christina Applegate, and Jason Sudeikis. In the movie, the main characters find themselves on different coasts to pursue separate interests, but somehow they keep their love alive. “Going the Distance” is playing at several local theaters and can be accessed by riding the Gunston Go Bus: 

2) The ‘90s in Rosslyn
FRIDAY -- The I Love the ‘90s Outdoor Film Festival continues this weekend in Rosslyn. This week’s film, “Billy Madison” (1995), will be the last in the series and starts Friday at dusk in Gateway Park. Just a short metro ride away down the Orange Line, the free film event can be found at the start of the Key Bridge.This event is accessible from the Rosslyn Metro Station.

3) It's all in the bones
With an eye to human anatomy and forensic investigation, an exhibit at the National Museum of Natural History looks at the bones of Americans throughout history to tell the story of our past. The Natural History Museum is just a quick Metro ride away and admission is free. 

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