Dream team takes A-League, Stacking Cake takes B-League in Spring 4v4 Flag Football

Men's B-League Champions, Stacking Cake. Top Row (left to right): Thomas Weingart, Captain Tyler Fabian, Christopher Pauliukonis.  Bottom row: Mason Holt and Stephen Fabian
Men's B-League Champions, Stacking Cake. Top Row (left to right): Thomas Weingart, Captain Tyler Fabian, Christopher Pauliukonis. Bottom row: Mason Holt and Stephen Fabian

In Spring 4v4 Flag Football Post-Season Tournament, the Men’s A-League Championship went to No. 3 seed Dream Team after dispatching the No. 5 seed FAF, 48-22, in the finals.

The Dream Team began their championship run defeating No. 6 seed Immanuel in the quarterfinals of the eight-team bracket, by an impressive margin of 44-19. 

They then faced off against the No. 7 seed Renaissance Men, who had just beat the No. 2 seed NOW, 58-12, in their previous match.  The Dream Team moved on after a 66-44 victory. 

FAF found their way into the championship match after upsetting the No. 4 seed Phi Kap Skulls, 29-14, and then took down No. 1 seed The Big Jabroni, 41-34. 

In the championship game, the Dream Team jumped out to an early 20-2 lead by the end of the first half, before finishing FAF off in the second, outscoring them 28-20 in the period. 

With no subs on the bench, all four players stepped up and performed their role to the best of their ability for the Dream Team.  Matthew Richards played quarterback the majority of the game spreading the ball out to receivers, Jarel Black, Lloyd Everhart and Phillip Everhart. 

Brandon Thompson scored the majority of FAF’s touchdowns, hauling in two of the three. 

The Dream Team dominated their bracket and their new title of Men’s A-League Champions couldn’t fit them better.

Stacking Cake began their dominant run of B-League Flag Football in the Fall under the team name, Scrubs.  Scrubs was the No. 11 seed in a bracket consisting of 16 teams in the Fall’s 7v7 Intramural Flag Football Postseason Tournament.

Scrubs got off to an easy start, defeating the No. 6 seed White People, 19-0, on a forfeit and then the No. 3 seed Smurf Gang on yet another forfeit. 

They wouldn’t make their run without a challenge though. 

The No. 2 seed Let It Soak proved to be their next victim and quite an admirable one at that.  In their lowest scoring match of the season, the Scrubs squeaked past the number two seed by a score of 7-6, thanks to a greatly needed extra point. 

Continuing their Cinderella story run, Scrubs went up against No. 9 seed Very Serious Athletes in the championship game. 

Very Serious Athletes had just come off of a win over top-seeded We Got You in the quarterfinals, winning 26-6, and a win over No. 4 Hardbody 2.0, 25-6; two formidable foes, two well-deserved victories. 

However, Very Serious Athletes proved to be no match for the soon to be crowned champions, being put down 21-0.

Stacking Cake returned most of their winning team from the Fall, excluding Michael McDevitt and Joseph Vitale, and improved upon their previous 7-1 record, finishing undefeated with a record of 5-0 this time around. 

In the Spring 4v4 Flag Football Post Season Tournament, Stacking Cake started their three-game run in the No. 2 seed position. 

First they played No. 7 seed Smash N Dash, a team they had already defeated in the regular season, 52-12.  This match proved more challenging than their previous encounter, but Stacking Cake still walked away victorious after scoring 47 points to Smash N Dash’s 39. 

Their semi-final match against No. 6 seed Over Dwayne Bowe proved to be their closest match of the season.  Stacking Cake pulled off the nail-bitter win by a one-point margin, 42-41. 

The final match of the tournament featured both top-seeded teams, the other being the No. 1 seed Masixoba.  Stacking Cake lead 13-7 at the end of the first half, before pulling farther away in the second to finish 40-20, taking the title.

With 1:26 remaining in the second half, Tyler Fabian launched the ball down field to younger brother, Stephen, who broke away uncovered. Just before crossing the goal line, Tyler shouted down field, “Stay inbounds”.  Stacking Cake was already up by a TD and wanted to milk the clock. With the nearest opposing player approximately 30 yards downfield Stephen stood on the goal line smiling before shouting back to Tyler, “Should I score?” before crossing the line seconds later as two opposing players drew close.  

This pretty much summed up the second half with Stacking Cake outscoring Masixoba 27-13 in the period.

Masixoba had three receiving touchdowns, each coming from a different wide receiver.  Carlos Cruz, Joseph Fadul and Andrew Lensing were credited with the receptions. 

Stacking Cake also had three touchdown scoring receivers.  Stephen Fabian lead the team, equaling the opposing teams total of three TDs, Mason Holt scored a pair, and Tyler pulled one in as well when he switched from throwing them.  Stephen also pulled in three of the team’s extra points, all three thrown from Tyler. 

“There’s always a doubt in any team’s mind when you go into a game,” Stephen Fabian said about his team’s chances, “but I feel like from the first snap I knew we could win this.”

Chris Pauliukonia and Tommy Weingart rounded out Stacking Cake’s championship game roster, playing strong in the game as well. 
A balance of ferocious defense and prolific offense was the key to Stacking Cake’s second flag football victory this school year, both of which were hard-earned and well-deserved. 

When asked if Stacking Cake was considering a move to the A-League next year, Stephen answered, “We are talented enough, but we lack in height and a bit in the speed aspect. Maybe if we picked up a few other players we could make the move, but I think we’ll stay in the B-league another year.”

Congratulations to the Dream Team and Stacking Cake for their flag football championship victories.

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