Whipped twist on alcohol

Alcohol infused whipped cream appears to be the newest trend of alcoholic concoctions to hit the market – sold under two brands: “Cream” and “Whipped Lightning.”

The products are beginning to enter the national consciousness just as cans of the controversial alcoholic energy drink Four Loko are losing its caffeinated buzz or disappearing from shelves all together.

Alcoholic energy drinks came under scrutiny after several incidents of college students being hospitalized with high blood alcohol levels after consuming the drinks that contain the approximate equivalent of five beers and three or four cans of cola, which amounts to about 12 percent alcohol content per can.

In comparison, the alcoholic whipped cream contains approximately 15 percent alcohol per can and is billed as “whipped cream with a twist” to add to cocktails and mixed drinks.

The concern over alcohol infused whipped cream is that it too will lead to dangerous consumption, especially among college students.

“Cream” is sold in cherry, orange, raspberry, chocolate, vanilla and caramel. “Whipped Lightning” comes in German chocolate, caramel pecan, hazelnut espresso, white chocolate raspberry and tropical passion flavors.

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*Photo credit: screenshot givemecream.com

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