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Annual Security Report 2011

A number of documents related to George Mason University police force operations have been made public in recent weeks. Crime and incident logs are uploaded nearly every day.

Help us go through them to find the most relevant or important information to you and the Mason community.

Following the example of other media outlets, we’re opening up the early stages of our reporting process on a topic that’s received much attention in the past year: police action and safety on campus. In the form below, let us know what stands out most to you and the items you think deserve the most attention.

The form identifies four recent documents you can choose from, along with any crime and incident log available on the Police Department’s website. (The dates of the logs currently available online go back to the beginning of September.) We will be adding more as time goes on.

Don’t have the current documents on hand and forget what they are about? Here are the links for download, along with an overview of each:

The George Mason University Annual Security Report for 2011

This document was just emailed out to the Mason community Monday evening, Oct. 25. The report is required by federal law and contains policy statements and crime statistics for the university. Three years’ worth of statistics are included for certain types of crimes that were reported at Mason.

Read the report.

The Presidential Task Force on University Police and University Community Relations Final Report

This report contains 24 recommendations made by a committee that looked at the experiences and interactions of Mason community members with the university’s police force, less than a month after a student was arrested for felony abduction charges in Fenwick Library (charges were later dropped). The document also contains excerpts from community members who submitted comments during the public process.  

Read the report.

The Due Diligence Review of the March 8, 2011, Fenwick Library Incident by Tomlinson Strategies

This review from an independent consultant is an evaluation of the March 8 incident when two students argument over a library study room, mentioned above, which resulted in felony abduction charges that were later dropped.

Read the review.

The Action Plan for Police and Community Relations

This document outlines 15 recommendations that the university and university police plan to pursue in the coming months.

Read the action plan.

Crime and Incident Logs

The documents contain the daily events, crimes and some other information recorded by police throughout a day at Mason. 

Access the police logs.

In case you are wondering: Yes, we are going through them on our own as well. This form is intended as a way to hear your anonymous thoughts, which may guide our questions and reporting. If you’d like to leave a note with your name, e-mail the Executive Editor Kevin Loker at

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