[VIDE0] Workout of the Week: Standing Cable Leg Curl

The workout for this week is going to debunking a workout machine at the Aquatic Fitness Center (AFC). In my time as a personal trainer and observing the gym atmosphere over the years, this machine causes the most confusion among people. It is called the Standing Cable Leg Curl. This is a great machine if anyone has a knee problem and finds that the standing leg curl kills their knees. 

To perform this workout you will do one leg at a time. 

First, slide your foot into the strap. (The strap should be under your arch and behind your heel.)

Second, make sure your standing leg is on the edge of the platform, and the leg you are about to curl is hanging off. 

Keep both knees together throughout the whole exercise. 

Curl your leg back. You should feel it working your hamstring. 

Then, lower it back down in a controlled manner, keeping the knee aligned with the other one.

Repeat this 8-10 times before switching legs.

If you would like a challenge, then what you can also do with this machine is glute kickbacks in between leg curls.

Here is how you would do that:  Once you have completed a leg curl, go back to the starting position. You now can kick your leg back as high as you can. (When coming back make sure you are keeping it controlled and don’t whip it back to starting position because you could lose the contraction.) Then you would do another leg curl from here. 

Do 10 glut kickbacks and 10 leg curls before switching legs. 

Do 3 sets of whichever version of this exercise you like.



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