[VIDE0] Workout of the Week: Tricep Kickbacks

This week's workout is primarily for the ladies, who know that since warmer weather is just around the corner and will be pulling out all of their short sleeves. For some, that might be frightening because we have to show our arms that were easy to hide during winter. But now, it's time to take care of that little problem area. This exercise will hopefully bring you a little more comfort with showing your arms off. It is called tricep kickbacks. One can perform this with a dumbbell or a cable machine. I am going to demonstrate with a dumbbell.

First, you will want to start off very light to make sure your form is right.

Pick up the weight in a neutral position. I suggest that you slightly bend over so you can keep your upper arm parallel with the ground. Next, you extend your hand out behind you. Make sure that you are keeping your elbow still so it is just your forearm that you are moving. Then, once you have extended your hand out and feel tension in the back of your arm on opposite side of your bicep, you will bring your foreman back to start position to line it up with your elbow. Your elbow will be parallel with the ground.

Repeat this eight times with four sets.

For guys, I challenge you to superset this with tricep pull-downs, doing 10 reps for three sets.

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