Andrea Frinfrock

[VIDE0] Workout of the Week: Standing Cable Leg Curl

The workout for this week is going to debunking a workout machine at the Aquatic Fitness Center (AFC). In my time as a personal trainer and observing the gym atmosphere over the years, this machine causes the most confusion among people. It is called the Standing Cable Leg Curl. This is a great machine if anyone has a knee problem and finds that the standing leg curl kills their knees. 

To perform this workout you will do one leg at a time. 

[VIDEO] Workout of the Week - Burpees

In honor of the homecoming game on Feb. 15, this week’s exercise will hopefully get you prepared for all the jumping you will do if you choose to cheer on your fellow Patriot basketball teams. 

Burpees are a great full body exercise that can test your strength and fitness level. To perform this exercise, you first want to make sure you have enough floor space.

[VIDEO] Workout of the Week - Butt Exercises

During the coldest months of winter, the weather can keep one from making it to the gym. Or maybe you’re even looking for a new exercise routine to do outside of the gym. So, this week’s workout is one that can be performed in the warmth of your home or dorm room without usingtoo much space.