Merten on the selection of Cabrera [WGMU]

George Mason University’s sitting president Alan Merten told WGMU that his successor Angel Cabrera “fits in the mode” of Mason’s accomplishments over the last 40 years, and that he is “encouraged” by Cabrera’s background that is “in many respects” similar to his own.

WGMU, MCN team up for 'Intimate Concert Series'

WGMU Radio and Mason Cable Network are working together on the "Intimate Concert Series," the media outlets' first series of jointly-held musical performances that will be broadcasted on both WGMU Radio and MCN.

The first concert is Friday, Nov. 18 and features local artist Natalie York.

WGMU's The Morning Breakdown talks with Coach Hewitt

WGMU's The Morning Breakdown had George Mason men's head basketball coach Paul Hewitt on the air Wednesday morning to talk about the team's recent exhibition victory and the upcoming season.

ODU Coach Taylor looks forward to 2011-12 campaign

WGMU's sports talk show, The Morning Breakdown, talked with ODU basketball head coach Blaine Taylor last week about the upcoming season.

Larranaga discusses relationship with Merten, direction of university

Former men's basketball coach Jim Larranaga speaks to his support team during the NCAA tournament game against Villanova. (John Powell)

Police Take Steps Towards 24/7 Camera 'Patrol'

The George Mason University Police Department is upping security measures on campus, starting with a push towards a manned 24/7 'patrol' of on-campus cameras.
(Photo by Student Media Photography Manager Peter Flint)

It may not be Big Brother, but "you are being watched." The George Mason University Policy Department is working to establish a 24/7 security operations center, and one of the first projects is the manned 'patrol' of closed-circuit cameras on the Fairfax campus.

On a regular business day, the cameras will be monitored for a total of four hours. Assistant Chief of Police George Ginovsky called this a 'baby step' towards the larger goal of monitoring the cameras 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The footage the cameras collect was previously only used as reference when a crime was reported.

WGMU Program Director Alex Romano ask Ginovsky about the changes in security and the greater move towards the 24/7 security operations center in this excerpt from the station's weekly segment, Ask the Police.

It’s Not Over, It’s Just Getting Started: A Review of RadioRadio’s debut EP “It’s Over”

“Garage Pop” is a self-description for the ages. RadioRadio really is more than a catchy combination of genres.  RadioRadio is a melodic and smooth blend of bubble gum, heartbreak, grinding guitars and the soul of two guys who truly love what they are doing with their life.