Peasant Theater sets the stage for aspiring theatrical artists

Mason junior, Conor Kyle saw a problem growing in the theater community: theater was too expensive and inaccessible for struggling college students.

He wanted to start a theater company that does away with these problems, providing free theater to all presenting the work of any Mason student. He called it "Peasant Theater."

Kyle said, “Peasant Theater is a new student organization created by myself with the idea that we produce student written and directed stage work of any kind and that includes sketches, comedies and full length plays.”

Solar Maximum 2013

Most people think weather is just a term on Earth, but weather is everywhere. Weather even takes place outside of Earth, in space. A typical type of space weather involves solar flares. Did you know that on April 11, the most powerful solar flare of the year erupted from the sun? And did you also realize that there was a temporary radio blackout from it? Maybe you heard about the sudden Aurora Borealis of the east coast?

Global affairs continues to be popular major for graduates

Graduation day is one of nerves, self-doubt and fear. However, it is also a day of celebration with the promise of a bright future.

Among other administrator changes, Provost Stearns to step down in 2013

Provost Peter Stearns plans to step down from his role as senior academic administrator in the summer of 2013 and transition into full-time teaching with the history department. He is one of several key administrators whose positions will need to be filled within the next two years.